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ABT Audi RS6-E with ATE drive

Will we still be able to refer to car enthusiasts as "petrolheads" in the future? Or will they be seduced

by the whisper-quiet punch of electric drives? This question is asked by the worldwide largest tuner for cars from the Volkswagen and Audi group – and of course also ATE does! The data of a series RS6 with 560 hp (412 kW) and 700 Nm are already impressive, ABT increase the power of the RS6 series combustion engine with a performance package to 730 hp (537 kW). Supported by the in-house department „ABT e-line“, the Audi RS6-E prototype was launched. Incredible 1,018 hp (750 kW) und 1,291 Nm are achieved, not at least by the specially developed ATE drive. The additional electric powertrain only weighs 255 Kg including all necessary adjustments and components. Customized solutions have always been the strength of ATE, but this application still needs a lot of development know-how. The power electronics and the 13.6 kWh battery found their space in the spare wheel recess of the station wagon, the electric motor is placed directly in the powertrain. In combination with two shorter shafts, the electric drive replaces practically the original cardan shaft. To be perfectly integrated into the cardan shaft tunnel, the design had to be made extremely slim. Among other things, the design of the shaft regarding dynamics and stiffness had to be solved., The drive which is not disengaged turns up to 8,000 min -1. The electric motor achieve 213 kW (288 hp) and 371 Nm, systemically conditioned, this additional power can only be accessed above 100 km / h in gears 3 to 8. Who reads this data, must be seduced! We are in any case and look forward to more exciting tuning projects.


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