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Our world spins up to 1 million revolutions per minute.


From theory to practice is very important for ATE.


We see ourselves as practitioners with a strong background in the development and research of special electric drives. This was and is one of the secrets of our many years of company success.


In close cooperation with ProFEMAG AG and scientific research, our development manager Mr. Walter R. Schierl was able to make our practical contribution to this at the FEMAG user meeting in Kassel this year. The focus was on the time-efficient calculation of eddy current losses in permanent magnets of high-speed, high-performance drives with converter feed.


We are extremely pleased that hybrid calculation methods are now available, which on the one hand break down the loss mechanisms, localize the causes and on the other hand allow targeted remedial measures to be taken. The analytical and numerical calculation approach not only enables the engineer to calculate eddy current losses and thus rotor heating, but also to examine the individual causes of losses and gain a more in-depth understanding of the electric motor design. This results in the possibility of taking appropriate technical and economic measures, including recommendations for system optimization (converter + electric motor) and all without time-consuming and computationally intensive transient 3D simulation.


We would like to congratulate ProFemag AG on this great conference and look forward to playing our part in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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