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Trainee excursion 2021 “the raft project”

At the beginning of September, new trainees started their apprenticeship at ATE. Therefore, a joint group excursion was planned for the start of the apprenticeship and to get to know the trainees of the other years.

This year's excursion took our nine trainees and their two supervisors to the Iller in Fischen. After a good breakfast with a beautiful mountain view, the first planned team building action started. For this purpose, the trainees were divided into two groups, which each of them assembled their own raft. With the finished rafts they went to the Iller to get to know the waters. Halfway through the 8 km long raft trip, the group took a rest on a sunny sandbank. At the self-made fire, everyone strengthened themselves with a sausage and cold drinks for the remaining kilometers to Blaichach, before heading home at the end of the day.

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