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Induction motors (AC)

The asynchronous motor is a highly sophisticated motor concept that is frequently given preference over other drive systems on account of its proven robust nature.

# Stator diameter:
# Speed range:
# Output:
# Continuous torque:
24 – 640 mm
up to 300,000 rpm
up to 500 kW
up to 5,000 Nm

Advantages of induction motors

- Low cost production
- Magnetless
- No speed sensor
- No Voltage protection module
- Robust
- Field weakening easy
- Low losses at high speed because of field weakening


  • Grinding/milling/lathing spindles
  • Main spindle drives
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Air condition systems
  • Electrical drive motors (power train)
  • Motor test benches
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Diesel-/Hybrid (power train)
  • Pod drives
  • Inboard drives
  • Power air condition systems
  • Flywheel-/energy storage systems

For other types and sizes please contact ATE directly.