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Synchronous motors (DC)

Since the permanent magnet is integrated into the synchronous motor, the motor´s field doesn´t need not be introduced into the motor via an external current source (cf. asynchronous drive). This makes it possible to build drives with an high efficiency rating despite their small size. Synchronous motor technology yields fundamental advantages over the asynchronous motor in the form of more compact dimensions, higher efficiency and greater speed stability under load (such as for scanner operation).

# Stator diameter:
# Speed range:
# Output:
# Continuous torque:
8 – 1,600 mm
up to 1,000,000 rpm
up to 500 kW
up to 30,000 Nm

Advantages of synchronous motors

- High power density
- High power factor
- Large shaft diameter
- Highest speed range
- Low inertia
- Solid magnet carrier


  • Grinding / milling / lathing spindles
  • Main spindle drives
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Air condition systems
  • Actuators
  • Sterilization drives
  • Pump drives
  • Turbo chargers
  • E-Booster
  • Fuel cells ventilation
  • Electrical drives motors (power train)
  • Motor test benches
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Diesel-/Hybrid (power train)
  • Pod drives
  • Inboard drives
  • ORC processes
  • Expansion drives
  • Wind mills
  • Water power
  • Power air condition systems
  • Micro gas turbines
  • Flywheel-/energy storage systems

For other types and sizes please contact ATE directly.