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Synchronous motors with interior permanent magnets (FS)

Since the permanent magnet is integrated into the synchronous motor, the motor´s field doesn´t need not be introduced into the motor via an external current source (cf. asynchronous drive). Field weakening synchronous motors offers a long field weakening range with constant high power density.

# Stator diameter:
# Speed range:
# Output:
# Continuous torque:
95 – 640 mm
up to 30,000 rpm
up to 400 kW
up to 2,400 Nm

Advantages of synchronous motors with interior permanent magnets

- W/O choke
- High inductivity
- Low magnet volumina
- Efficiency optimized parameter possible
- Big field weakening range
- Low rotor losses (laminated)
- High power factor
- High speed range with constant power


  • Grinding/milling/lathing spindles
  • Main spindle drives
  • Electrical drive motors (power train)
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Diesel-/Hybrid
  • Pod drives
  • Inboard drives

For other types and sizes please contact ATE directly.