Our Motivation:

to improve the world

bit by bit.


ATE – Maritime Applications

ATE for realizing projects in maritime applications.   The luxury "Adler Yacht"...

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ATE’s biggest

For a waterpower generator ATE developed and produced a motor with stator diameter 1.600 mm and iron length of 390...

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ATE contributes to racing success

Leutkirch - Leutkirch company ATE develops and manufactures several electric drives for Porsche LMP1 racing car 919...

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The movie.

Special electrical drives for application specific requirements

For a long time people use the energy of the future: electricity. The key factor is how to do it. That is why we develop electrical drives created with complete new technologies the world has not seen yet. For applications unknown so far and for tomorrow´s markets. And all we need is copper wire, electrical steels and creative thinking.

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Welcome to ATE.

Welcome to the pioneer for your electric machine requirements.