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Engineering and Make to Print

As a competent partner in the field of customized drive solutions, ATE offers our customers innovative product solutions.

As a result of many years of experience and the associated know-how, our development and design department can provide you with the best support, consultation and guidance from the implementation of your idea to the finished product with our wide range of options.

ATE’s primary goal is to develop the best solution for the task at hand for our always satisfied customers.

Here’s what quality means to us: Identifying the needs of our customers and developing solutions within the scope of what we have agreed with them. For our part in this partnership, we provide existing knowledge and skills for the task. With a high level of professional skill and a personal responsibility that we take seriously, we contribute to the long-term, sustainable success of our customers.

  • Using the appropriate motor topology for an ideal drive system
  • Electromagnetic assessment and optimisation
  • Strength assessment
  • Production development
  • Production, starting from functional samples to prototypes and series production
  • Start-up support and performance measurement on the ATE test bench or directly on your site.

We also provide the option of producing motors you have developed yourself according to your wishes as a prototype or series product. We are very flexible in this and can use a wide stock of different lamination sheet materials. Our in-house laser cutting centre makes it possible to produce any sheet metal geometry, so that we can then finally test the feasibility in a prototype. Whether you want to implement a special winding for your prototype or an automated winding concept, we can support you with our in-house winding department, potting machines, needle winding and drawing-in machines. This allows you to quickly validate your developed design as a prototype, or to move from the first prototypes to series production.

Walter Schierl
Head of Development
Walter R. Schierl

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