A complete range of services – from consultation to development and production

We are used to looking after our customers in a holistic way. We provide specific consultation on solutions for your requirements. During development, we detail our shared ideas and specify the drive that is right for you. Producing your products to the highest quality standard completes our portfolio.

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Our consultation is like our products – tailored to your needs. ATE’s team of specialists in designing electric drive systems can advise and support you throughout the entire process – from initial contact to implementation, and beyond.

Our focus is always on the successful implementation of your product. We always get to know your requirements so that we can serve interdisciplinary interfaces in the best possible way. The integration of electromagnetic components into your products requires close cooperation and coordination of various departments. And we likely make this happen for you.

Benefit from the decades of experience of our contacts. And we also provide assistance beyond our product and support in assessing the scope of our products.

Together we transform your ideas into reality. In addition to the resulting product, it is always important to us to lay the foundation for a long-term partnership.


The strength of our development is the open and direct communication we have with our customers, as well as the close involvement of production and manufacturing development.

The essence of our success is the development. It has transformed us from a start-up into a medium-sized company. Our experts for the development and validation of electromagnetic and electromechanical components are concentrated here. Our team works with cutting edge software for magnetic circuit and strength calculations, some of which we develop in house. This allows us to specify targeted and resilient solutions for customer-specific drives with the shortest development times.  

Our team of electrical, mechatronic and mechanical engineers is in direct contact with leading universities and colleges. At ATE, theoretical knowledge is combined with many years of practical experience, whether for stationary applications, on the road, rail, land, water or in the air. Highly efficient electric drives are only created where people with the best ideas are the engine for new innovations.

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All ATE production processes, our machines and systems are specially designed to produce customized products. And our staff are also specially trained to do this. 

Our core competence is to produce one individual piece for a highly complicated drive element just as economically as 1000 pieces in series production – while at the same time maintaining the highest technical and quality standards.

ATE’s strength here is flexibility – flexibility of processes, machines and systems as well as flexibility of the scope of supply of our motor components and electric motors.

We are continuously investing in keeping our production methods at the peak of modernity and efficiency. A high level of vertical integration and production expertise combined with a wide range of stocked input materials such as stator and rotor laminations and permanent magnets enable us to produce our products quickly.

In addition to our own machinery for the implementation of all mechanical processing methods, we also have our own laser cutting system for electrical lamination sheets, highly efficient vacuum casting systems and various (partially) automated winding processes. Thanks to our in-house toolmaking, all processes, machines and systems can be quickly adapted to any new challenge. 

This is how we produce up to 50,000 motor elements every year, all “Made in Germany”. All our products then pass through an automated end-of-line testing system. 


We will be happy to talk to you about application options, product recommendations and series sizes. Get in touch.

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